Market Sundays, the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month have become a regular event at Balfour House…

The studios of Melanie Simon, Natalie Weisse and Jane Foley are open to the public where original arts and crafts, made onsite can be bought direct from the maker.

Melanie Simon is an award winning artist who works broadly between 2D and 3D art forms. Her room is a bower birds collection of objects, inspiration, art work for sale and works in progress.  She also keeps a beautiful line of hand made bees wax candles, bio-char and quality second hand goods.

Jane Foley’s room is an Aladin’s cave of textiles.  Jane redesigns wearables from wool and silk using free form knitting techniques, her beanies are FAMOUS! Recently Jane has been experimenting with a new dying techniques using the local plant species.  We are all enjoying seeing and wearing the results of this new work. Jane also sells quality second hand clothes. On cool days Jane has her open fire cracking, its a hard room to leave ….

Natalie Weisse is a skilled felt maker and creator of natural beauty products.  Her product line ‘Simply Spellbound’ are hand made from quality natural ingredients.  Her beautifully packaged product lines, for men and women, make the perfect gift.  Natalie has a talent for creating beautiful domestic spaces, this is reflected in the style and decor of her elegant work space at Balfour House.

Come and visit us on market Sundays, you will find the studios open and who knows what else …..  there might be musicians playing on the veranda, an exhibition of local art in the hall, a market in the garden or a workshop in the back room….. come and find out.